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  • Maximize your chances of success with Japanese Candlesticks !

  • Interactive 109 pages PDF manual

  • 6 videos reviewing each chapter with new examples

  • Candlestick patterns specific to the foreign exchange market (FOREX)

  • Differences between Candlestick patterns in the FOREX and the STOCK market

  • Japanese Candlesticks combined with Chartism, moving averages, Fibonacci, oscillators, candlesticks, divergences, Ichimoku, Bollinger bands, etc.

Candlestick Trading:

  • Learn all practical steps on how to use candlesticks during real market situations
  • Use candlesticks to anticipate in lower timeframes
  • How to use candlesticks to enter the market with the best timing
  • Learn to interpret candlesticks to avoid false signals.
  • Candlesticks and day-trading, swing trading and short-term trading
  • Concrete examples of trades in real market situations …
  • This Japanese candlestick manual focuses on a practical approach rather than a theoretical approach. Its main goal is to improve the efficiency of your trading plans.



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Warning Notice

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