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sébastien viaux  04/10/2019



After almost seven years in the markets, I wanted to improve my Ichimoku technique. I decided to buy Patrick's training, not only because he was a well known Ichimoku expert, but also because of his reputation for being a seasoned coach.

I recommend this training, whether you are beginners or a more experienced trader.

You will discover all the secrets of the indicator, its power, and also how to use it best.

This training will turn you into a seasoned analyst.

Previously, I had already spent 1000 EUROS over three courses, and two books. But this training really sticks out. Indeed, this will save you a lot of time. 95% of all the other pieces of training will only teach you how to read Ichimoku, but never how to trade with it.

Ichimoku allows you to have surgical entry points, thus offering you juicy ratios and, therefore, faster growth of your capital, and this is not the only advantage! 

I thank Patrick Riguet for his knowledge and his good spirits.


Ghislain ZONDJI The 01/10/2019


Hello Patrick

At first, I did not like Ichimoku, I was addicted to moving averages, but they soon showed their limits. Then I came across Patrick's lessons. Ever since I analyze the market with Ichimoku, I'm doing really well. I highly recommend Patricks's ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO COMPLETE COURSE.


Andrew 17/09/2019

Thank you for the clarity, the pedagogy, and the relevance of the content.

Hello Mr. Patrick,

It's a real pleasure for me to drop a few words on your guestbook. I searched the web for content to improve my trading, but what I found was unreliable, if not catastrophic, and didn't generate any profit in 98% of cases.

I discovered you through your Market Reviews on your YouTube channel, and I was fascinated. I have purchased both of your courses, and as a result, I have become profitable at last!  On top of that, now I really understand how the market works. Although trading is based on probability, with this method, the chances to win are way above 50%. I have a day-job, and I have very little time left to trade. Today, I was able to scalp three or four times with a success rate of 100% !!!

For or all these reasons,  I take my hat off to Patrick.

Many thanks !!!

Yours truly,


Rivo Patrick  05/09/19


I first bought the Ichimoku training. After having read and reread this training, I decided to purchase training on Japanese candlesticks, and then the magic happened! I can only advise buying the Ichimoku Course and the Candlestick Course together at a discounted price.

Last but not least, make sure you carefully respect money management, as recommended by Patrick.

A big thank you Patrick!


Deguine Thomas The 04/09/2019

Hello Patrick!

Thanks again for your training and your market analyzes,

Everything is clear. You are humble and frank about the world of trading!

Compared to all the books and training I read before,

Yours is number one!

See you soon!



lionel guide 08/28/2019


I want to recommend Patrick's pieces of training for their clarity, their user-friendliness, and the high quality of their content.

You can purchase this course without hesitation.

Don't wait!

Thank you, Patrick, for your work and your patience in improving our skills.

Guide Lionel.

Sebastien Cotin 04/05/2019


I just wanted to add something to my comments about the excellent COMPLETE COURSE! Despite having bought Patrick's course, I was still struggling. So I contacted Patrick for some private coaching. Honestly, the only word that comes to my mind to describe this is...splendid!!!! It was an eye-opener.

After this, from one day to the next, I became a very profitable trader. Patrick is very warm and friendly to start with, and he knows how to make you feel comfortable, and is able to explain the way Ichimoku and the market work in such a straightforward way!

His educational methods, his temperament, and the style of his teaching turn the learning process into something easy and effective! It's simple - 3 weeks after my coaching I had compensated for all the losses over the previous three months, and I was making profits! If you want private lessons, I strongly recommend that you contact Patrick!!! So, again, a big thank you, and all my congratulations to you Patrick for all the work, for your pedagogy, and for the time that you spend on us! Frankly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and do not change anything! You really are number one!!!!! And, finally, I want to say...Long Live Ichimoku!

jerome2005 04/02/2019

I bought ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE last September. Firstly, the ICHIMOKU tool is excellent. It suits me, and has already enabled me to win several trades. Combined with Japanese Candlesticks it is very powerful. Having tools is a good thing, but one must still know how to use them properly, and this is where Patrick makes the difference. I thought his course was very educational, he makes everything easy to understand.

Transmitting knowledge is an art, and Patrick Riguet does it in a wonderful manner. The many videos, the forum, and the website have answered all of my questions, and this is another valuable benefit of the course and program. A big thank you to Patrick Riguet for the time that you have devoted to us already, and also for the time you will devote to us in the future so that we can all make progress.

Jean Charles Tassoni 03/28/2019

I just finished reading ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE and THE JAPANESE CANDLESTICK COURSE. I read several chapters more than once, in order to fully understand the different trading techniques (whether the market is in range phase or in trend phase) and the signal interpretation with the input of the candlestick information.

Compared to other courses and books available on the market, the real plus of this course, I think, is in the videos. They review and illustrate all of the written chapters particularly well.

The last two are an excellent summary of everything you need to know and integrate before you start (with a demo account first, of course).

With the help of this course, I finally understood the mistakes that I made before. I used to see signals everywhere and to trade in a frantic manner.

With this course, trading seems easy, a bit like when you watch Federer play tennis, everything seems simple and effective (sorry for Nadal fans, he is also a great player, but more on the heavy side). I understand that this training provides solid foundations, but don't get fooled... it takes practice to refine its comprehension, and thus to become effective in your trading.

A big thank you for this course. I will definitely review and reread the course every now and then, even though the forum can also answer a lot of questions. Talk to you soon on the forum!

Sambel 03/26/2019

What a SCAM!!!

After having gone through 4 different courses, I thought I had developed quite an eye for lousy courses, and that this one could very well end up in 5th position on my list.

Well, I'm not happy and even very disappointed.

The course of Mr. Riguet is one of the best I have had, even the best I should say.

This excellent course is very well explained, Mr. Riguet is truly a pedagogue. It comes with a REAL book explaining his strategy, with lots of illustrations (not just slides copies as others do).

Videos complete each chapter and add more concrete examples.

And not only does he explain his strategy (which was the original purpose of my purchase) but, and this makes a massive difference, he also teaches us how to build a trading plan.

That means, stop trading anything that moves, and only pick trades with a high probability of success.

Few trades, but trades that hit the mark.

This guy is a real sniper, he teaches us how to prepare, and to wait, and when the time is right... BINGO!

And if you want more, you can use the forum as an after-sales service.

My header was deliberately catchy, but It’s the only bad thing I could say about this course!

Hats off to Mr. Riguet!

Moric 03/18/2019

Hello everyone,

Being an absolute beginner in the trading world, and after several months of reading and video viewing, along with plenty of research on how the stock market works, I began to delve into markets and trading. And I almost immediately noticed big discrepancies in quality standards between the various stakeholders present on the web.

Patrick Riguet is without question the guy who seemed the most serious to me. It's obvious when you watch his market reviews, he has fully mastered a very solid trading system, and he shows a healthy willingness to share his passion, without any marketing frills.

It seemed obvious for me to buy ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE. This course is in line with what Patrick conveys in his numerous market reviews and other free training videos. It's very good, pragmatic, updated and brought to you by a generous teacher, who wants you to be cautious in order to avoid the pitfalls he has encountered himself. For a beginner, the course truly accelerates the learning process. Your experience of the market and your understanding of the trading process will improve dramatically.

I am still trying to get a grip on the method so I use a demo account. I started on March 5th. Over 10 days I took 8 trades (5 won for 3 lost) and increased my initial capital of 5.7%.

Could this be a mere beginner's luck? I am aware that this doesn't have much value statistically speaking and that I will have to confirm these results over a longer period of time...

In the meantime, I have only one piece of advice to share...“stick to the method and manage your psychological bias”.

Micka76 12/03/2019

After having spent money on several courses, I discovered Ichimoku, of course, I bought Khalid's books, it was clear to me that Ichimoku was the indicator that suited me best.

While browsing the Internet, I came across the market reviews and the explanations given by Patrick. They helped me to understand a lot. Buying ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE and THE JAPANESE CANDLESTICK COURSE really made sense for me.

This course is absolutely great and changes the way you see things right away. The relevance offered by Ichimoku and Japanese Candlesticks changed my approach to Ichimoku, especially enabling me to analyze the market in a superior fashion.

And the Ichimoku community around Patrick is a huge source of information for your post-training trading. All thanks go to Patrick, of course, because of its availability, but I would also like to mention all of the passionate traders, who are knowledgeable about Ichimoku, and who share the information from their trading reports. Advice from members of the community, who answer any questions with unparalleled respect, is always forthcoming.

You can share your plans without being ashamed. They will be reviewed and corrected so that your trading can improve quickly. So thank you, Patrick, and thank you Ichimoku traders for your kindness. Your help is precious for us beginners.

Loison Stéphane 10/03/2019

A big thank you to Patrick for ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE and THE JAPANESE CANDLESTICK COURSE. A treasure trove of knowledge, applied teaching, patience, and logic that allowed me to progress quickly in my trading. Patrick is always straight to the point, it is always clear, precise, and free of any approximations.

My biggest revelation was the Japanese candlesticks and their interactions with the Bollinger, support and resistance levels, and all of the other ICHIMOKU lines. It's just awesome, and that gave me the idea to create a PROSCREENER that would detect eventual entry points to the market. Of course, such signals always need to be validated by other indicators that are very well explained by Patrick in his course.

I recommend without any restraint the use of his two courses.

And as Patrick always says "HERE and NOW", so don't wait!

Thank you very much Cypressat

Tomaz 03/10/2019

Hello everyone,

I started my training with Patrick's COMPLETE ICHIMOKU COURSE only six months ago, and my results are still average because I am still impatient. But so far, the training has provided me with a simple approach to the trading world, as Ichimoku is a self-sufficient system.

Patrick, with the help of his teaching experience and availability, explains the lines very clearly and breaks down precisely how to use them. He shows how to use them in a range market while breaking down all the other tricks you need to know about trading. This is especially true of all the many videos included in the courses, but also with his market reviews and all his posts in the forum. While it can't be denied that he sells a course, it can't be denied either that the community he has built around him is a fantastic opportunity to learn for those who are willing to join.

It's an introductory course that yields concrete results by giving you a complete overview of this fascinating and valuable subject. I strongly recommend this if you want the right start with Ichimoku!

It's not individual coaching, but more like a learning process within a group, and Patrick responds willingly to all the questions, investing a lot of time in this.

sébastien carpentier 03/08/2019

I just finished Patrick's Ichimoku course, it was clear and extremely precise. I have 3 years of trading under the belt with ups and downs, like many other traders probably. I had no knowledge of Ichimoku. While browsing the net, I found the Doji Star website and watched a lot of videos before making up my mind. I really don't regret my purchase, it was pure bliss. When I review my old trades now, I understand so many of my losses. I just have to follow my money management, and apply what I learned with this course. I totally recommend it.

Hats off for this surgical precision! ;-)

Siteline 18/02/2019


I bought ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE and THE JAPANESE CANDLESTICK COURSE from Patrick 8/9 months ago. I waited a bit before giving my opinion because I wanted to step back before reflecting.

I am delighted with this course, and I will repeat many things that have already been said. Patrick has proven teaching skills and explains things simply. Everything is clear from beginning to end. However, the training is very detailed and absolutely spot-on (besides I really suggest you read it and read it again because you will learn new things each time). The graphics are numerous, the videos relevant, and all of the material is explained very clearly.

More than training for Ichimoku, it's a real trading method. Moreover, it's efficient (whatever some grumpy guys on social networks may say :-)).

I found this course content to be of very high quality, we feel the investment and commitment of Patrick to pass on his knowledge and to pass on his experience is definitely a sound one.

In addition to the course, Patrick offers sustained support through his market reviews and interventions on the forum. No question ever goes unanswered. His patience and availability are also highly welcome.

I have only one regret: not having discovered the forum and the training before, I would have saved time in so many ways. :-)

Anatole 01/24/2019

Thank you, Patrick, for this hugely effective training!

The complete package is very useful, certainly the PDF documents, but also the videos, and especially the additional resources provided by the forum.

Patrick makes sure that the examples, the illustrations, and the elements of language are understandable by all, but he insists especially on rules like money management, the 2/1 ratio, the signals, all this helps tremendously to make progress and to stay safe.

The purchase of his course should be seen as an investment that you will recoup very quickly!

Congratulations on the quality of the training and thanks again for your advice.

Have a lovely day everybody!

MOREL 23/01/2019

Here is my humble little mark on the guestbook. I wish to express my gratitude to you Cypressat, my dear trading Guru!

Because, yes, you're like a father who opened the roads for me on the market oceans, teaching me to fish all of the seas and catch all kinds of fish as long as they are edible, but also to stay in port when the storm is raging, or the sea is flat. So, study the maps, see the difference between the north and the south even in the mist. The West is the Best, and when the wise wind will return my sails will take me away.

Thank you for your good Spirit, for your discipline, for your generosity, thank you for sharing your knowledge for a fistful of dollars, your honesty, your patience, your lucidity...thank you for providing us with this training the very key to the vault, the key that challenges us to honor its full potential. The art of trading and the art of living, a story worth writing...

To you, readers, if you are looking for a complete course to start and thrive in the stock market, this is the place to begin! PDF trainings and videos that you should read, read again, watch once more, and practice. With training, you will become a Samurai of the markets!

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo + Japanese Candlesticks + Cypressat = Abundance and Serenity.

After this short page of sincerely deserved publicity, what surprises me and stimulates me personally the most is that with this market proof training (follow the market reviews on Tuesdays, it is a language, a vision, it's paper cutting surgical precision) you can concentrate on yourself, on your psychology, your emotions...and then, the second wave of training involves yourself, in front of yourself. We have no excuses! ;-)

The adventure begins...

POIS 01/19/2019

I have recently purchased ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE and I must say that it is a real gold mine! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader this Ichimoku training course is obviously the most cost-effective investment if you want to start or improve your trading with Ichimoku.

Patrick, you show great expertise throughout this training, whether in the written materials (the PDF manuals) or in the oral part (the videos). And if you doubt Patrick's teaching ability, I invite you to see and review his market reviews.

I advise anyone wishing to learn to trade, or simply market analysis via Ichimoku, to start with this training. This is the fastest shortcut for you to start correctly in this world of bullies!

If you compare the quality of the content with the price for both courses offered by Patrick, it's really not overpriced, or even cheap. I understand that the price may be a drag for some, but sincerely the courses are worth it.

Once again Patrick, thank you for this work.

PS: Too bad for me that I only discovered you in 2018 whereas your blog exists since 2012 the year when I started!

Romain BELTOISE 16/01/2019

Some time ago, I finished ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE and it is a great tool to help you improve your trading, and become profitable at last.

But as Patrick often explains, even with Ichimoku you cannot win every time. He always explains clearly, and with specific examples, how to study the market opportunities, and how to set up proper money management so that you can join the winning side.

Bolstered by this first training, I bought the JAPANESE CANDLESTICKS COURSE just after and found it to be the perfect add-on to ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE. The latter one helps you identify the opportunities, and the former one helps you validate the entry and exit points. I greatly improved my winning trade rate and my earnings at the same time.

Once again this is a course with quality content, well explained and with lots of examples to clarify. No fluffy claptrap, just straight to the point.

Thank you, Patrick, for all the content and quality you bring to us.

Fabien 01/11/2019

Thank you, Patrick, for your availability and your kindness while you answered my technical and beginner's questions about the full pack.

Thank you also for your concern, for your honesty and your transparency (you also show lost trades during your training).

And for the transmission of your knowledge and your know-how which must have cost you significantly in money and time in order to acquire. Because I think that a lot of your concepts derive your in-depth practice of Ichimoku. For us it was simple, we just had to buy a course. This was probably less expensive than it was for you.

As I told you by email, it is this concern for honesty that emanates from you that makes me feel comfortable. This is what has drawn me to your website initially after seeing a YouTube video. It makes me think, even more so after having completed your training, that I'm on the right path.

I'm happy to have given myself the means to understand and to be able to use the Ichimoku tool, and if after that it turns out that the stock market is not for me, at least I will have no regrets.

Anyway, the 500 euros that I spent on your 2 courses, I would have spent them on losing trades while using Ichimoku and Japanese candlesticks without really understanding them.

For now, I review the weekly market review videos, and I really feel that I’ve got the hang of it! I remember that before, I tried to cross information, I tried to interpret the Ichimoku concepts that I heard about without really understanding them.

Others talk about your training much better than me on your guestbook; anyway, a global vision, complete and detailed about the universe of Ichimoku and Japanese candlesticks...it’s quite intuitive!

Anyway, thank you for the constant commitment to making things as clear as possible for the reader. This concern for honesty and transparency in the transmission of your knowledge always shines throughout all your courses.

I'm going to put a dampener on this, though, there needs to be one! The "Ichimoku flat extensions" video is very dense, especially towards the end, and I had to watch it 2 or 3 times to understand it because in the end, you go too fast (1 video out of 17, that's ok!!!).

Anyway, I understood that all this was useless without money management...

I wish you a good trip to the southern hemisphere (If I remember well) next February and good luck! Thank you!

Sylvain 10/01/2019

I am very satisfied to have found Patrick by chance. Ichimoku seemed complicated to me but the wisdom and simplicity of Patrick really gratified me.

I bought ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE, which in my opinion is paramount to capturing the subtlety of Ichimoku, and I added Nison's book on Candlesticks. I was a very average dabbling trader. Now I have trained myself to become a motivated proprietary trader.

We should not forget the community around Patrick because it is also very important and provides help and support. But all the credit for that goes to Cypressat, he generated this around him and this is not something money can buy.

I thank him warmly for his assistance ;-)

Lewax26 01/09/2019

Hello everyone,

I Purchased Patrick's course, ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE a few weeks ago and I just finished it.

The reason I'm posting today on this guestbook is that, like you, I suppose at some point that I found myself looking for testimonials to reassure myself, before buying one more the course from one more teacher promising you

the sun and moon, like so many others on the web.

I’m sure that we have all gone through the same process here, including writing the testimonial at the end.

But let me explain the difference with this course. Patrick provides training of unequaled quality on the net, with its professionalism, its clarity, its experience, and its unique perception of Ichimoku. He will show you his positions (he practices exactly what he teaches) on the forum, on his blog, and in his market review. The latter is a live webinar every Tuesday morning, it provides you with the after-sale service for the course. He says so much in these reviews that you can easily consider them to be weekly training webinars.

The forum too is exceptional. All of the members will support you, and answer your questions. You can be assured that all of your questions will be answered, and even if by some twist of fate some remain unanswered, be reassured that someone will at least get you a lead.

I hope I convinced you with this humble testimony that buying Patrick's training, and registering as a forum member, is the right thing to do. So, I wish good trades to all of you for this new year, full of good resolutions.

And thanks again, Patrick.

Sébastien 12/25/2018

Hello everyone,

I bought this training a few months ago, and I gave it some time, on a trial basis, before voicing out an opinion.

Before buying Patrick's course I bought another Ichimoku course, or rather a strategy, from another person who is selling courses. But this training was not conclusive for me because it was very incomplete. No explanation about trading range, Tenkan-Sen, Kijun-Sen, SSA, SSB extensions, and so on. This resulted in a depleting demo account that only went downhill, except for some rare winning trades.

After some discussions with Patrick on the subject, and after browsing the forum, I decided to buy ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE. After beginning serious practice with PRT on a demo account, I finally managed to stabilize my capital, and I even started to make it grow. By applying Patrick's teaching, I have managed to acquire a quota of trades exceeding my losses.

Suffice to say, I recommend this course to all those who want to learn more about this multi-faceted tool. And, most importantly, don't worry about the five lines that compose this tool. With perseverance and motivation, all this will seem logical to you and flow naturally. Moreover, with the explanations of Patrick and his webinars, you will be able to progress, because it's impossible not to make progress with a coach and a teacher like Patrick!

Thank you again, Patrick and happy holiday season to all!

Mohamed (Grimjow) 12/17/2018

Good evening,

I just finished Patrick's course, ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE. I do not know where to start with saying how incredible the content is! Being a newbie, I knew nothing about trading in general. As for Ichimoku I only knew it through Patrick's videos.

His patient teaching method, his elocution, and his intellectual honesty made me buy these courses to learn more!

To be honest I was not surprised at the content in the sense that I was expecting a tsunami of knowledge and information!

Patrick covers absolutely everything on everything, he leaves no grey area, examples are repeated over and over again so that you remember more easily; he also teaches us his philosophy, and that is, I think, the most rewarding part of the course!

Then comes THE JAPANESE CANDLESTICKS COURSE...HUGE!!!!!! It's just beautiful, I feel that everything becomes so easy to understand, I feel so much better prepared and confident in front of a chart! The combination of Ichimoku with the Japanese candlesticks is a perfect cocktail!

This training, in addition to the forum and the market reviews, is of invaluable assistance.

Thank you, Patrick, have a good holiday season.

(PS: I apologize to you for my misspellings and grammar)

Mucho Maas 10/12/2018

Hello everyone, it is undeniable that to master trading you must first purchase a course. I think that Ichimoku is probably the most advanced method available at this time because it "asks the price to the price" as Khalid El Bouzidi rightly says.

So once that is said, and provided that you are French, you are left with three solutions - Patrick Riguet, Khalid el Bouzidi and to a certain extent Karen Peloille. To a certain extent for her because, to my knowledge, she has just written books, and does not offer training as such.

Khalid has also written two books and apparently offers training but I cannot talk about it because I did not buy it. So why did I choose Patrick for my Ichimoku training?

Two main reasons. Firstly, it is by far the simplest and clearest approach to Ichimoku. The essence of Ichimoku is the simplicity and clarity of price reading. After reading the books of Khalid and Karen, I found that Patrick's free videos, his market reviews, and his transparency in posting positions alone were much richer than the books of the other two authors. I'm not saying that I did not learn anything from Karen and Khalid, but simply that, for me, Patrick described Ichimoku in the simplest and clearest way possible, even before I bought his training.

This being said, the training is not enough, because to become a trader takes at least a few years of training, so it takes coaching and monitoring, both brilliantly carried out by Patrick in the forum attended by many other traders of his community.

Do not deceive yourself, your worst enemy in trading is your emotional bias, and only you can work this out by mastering the irrational drive of your reptilian brain. It takes time... However, after a while you begin to get the hang of this!

Unlike Benoit Rousseau, I do not think that "traders are communists", I think they are more like Samurais...anyway, if you want to start learning Ichimoku, I think this is the right place!


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